Masterclass med vokalekvilibristen Florian Unruh | Folkekirken Vesterbro

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Masterclass med vokalekvilibristen Florian Unruh


Masterclass med vokalekvilibristen Florian Unruh

Dato Fredag d. 2. december 2022, kl. 20:00
Sted Apostelkirken, Saxogade 13, Vesterbro
Masterclass med vokalekvilibristen Florian Unruh

Vocal Masterclass med Florian Berlin (DE):

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Florian Berlin

Florian Unruh, founder of VocalCenter.Berlin, Estill Master Trainer and IEK-certified voice therapist is working as a vocal coach for over ten years, enabling singers of different genres to archive their musical goals and is one of the top vocal coaches in Berlin.

While receiving piano and vocal lessons since age 6 he recorded and toured and with musical formations through Germany. At the age of 15 he took over as director of a children’s choir which led him to musical director positions in numerous projects, including two theaters. During this time he began to arrange harmonies and write songs for project choirs, while teaching early musical education. After receiving classical training and experiencing songwriting camps Florian went on to study singer/ songwriter at the Pop Academy in Enschede, Netherlands, taught at different music schools and began his own vocal studio. After relocating to Berlin, Florian received his Estill Voice Training certificate (EMT), dove into voice therapy (IEK) and founded the VocalCenter.Berlin.

Florian is working with many artists, focussing on vocal health and what he calls the Signature Sound (vocal USP). He created training packages to meet various demands of his artist, including tour packages as well as recording packages. Vocal Bootcamps in Berlin und Hamburg and other workshops and masterclasses are being held regularly, including training other vocal coaches. Florian also led the Vocal Health und Choir module at BIMM (British Irish Modern Music Institute) Berlin all through 2018 and held a summer course for the singers of Hillsong Berlin in 2021 and also co-wrote, arranged and directed an original for their easter service. On January 1st of 2021 Florian released the self written and -produced song „From A Distance“ with a vocal collective of friends and colleagues. Currently he is curating the Motif Sessions, an exclusive event for singers in Berlin. Furthermore he is writing original songs, directing choirs and teaching artists like Cloudy June, Ambre Vallet, 1986ig, Fayim, Diana zur Löwen and several The Voice of Germany participants.